Music performer Andrea Stocchino has released his first album this year. After some time without new songs, the musician has decided to present the audience with a album called "L’a Amore Vince Sempre". The new album is now available on all leading digital music streaming platforms. Press here to listen online >>
Andrea Stocchino is not only a musician, but also a poet, artist, stylist, video director, producer, songwriter, as well as the owner of his own freelance business.
The musician's discography, for the time being, has fifteen compositions. A particularly active period for him was the end of July this year, when on August he released cornesrstone compositions of his new album like “Ogni Cosa”, “Chi Non E Meko” and “L’a Amore Vince Sempre”.
The musician is relatively new to the industry, but his potential is immeasurable. With each song the quality grows and you can hear him grow with his songs. All the doors are open for him - all he has to do is play his cards correctly and in time we will see him on the big stages. This artist will definitely be noticed in time!
We offer to listen to the new Andrea Stocchino single " L’a Amore Vince Sempre". The YouTube version is available below - on other platforms you can search for this song yourself. We also invite you to support the musician and follow him on social networks. For example, the reference site has a link that will take you to his Momenters profile. Don't be shy - go and watch it! It will only take you a few seconds and will not cost you anything, but it will give a great incentive for the new talent to create and publish new and unheard compositions.