At Momenters, we relentlessly believe in equality. Thus, you will find that our users come from different parts of the world. We are not limiting participation on the basis of anything. And we ensure that this is applicable to all users who join our platform.

In addition to accepting and embracing diversity when it comes to different types of users, we are also quite open to our users discussing various topics. From political to social to cultural.

Think about this for a second.

On all major social media platforms, your opinions are often restricted because there is this one guy/gal sitting on the other end of the opinion spectrum who disagrees with what you have to say. And if they have more power than you, then they can easily shut you down, irrespective of how big you are or how much influence you have. This is true for all major social media platforms - no exceptions needed.

In fact, one of the most popular social media platform (we would not like to name names here) has often come under the scrutiny for having employees that are overall too left-leaning. This means that other opinions are often discarded and shunned. Yet another huge platform has been criticised for being too supportive of right-wing politicians.

In a world so socially divided, Momenters stands as the only social media platform where users don't feel isolated. Currently, our platform has over 5K users and the number is only rapidly increasing.

Feel free to join and connect with people from all over the world!

Yes, that's correct. On Momenters, you can easily post without having to worry about them getting taken down or being subjected to any type of restrictions - esides - each time you post - you earn tokens withdrawable to your paypal account! We invite healthy discussions. We believe in equal dialogue over monopolising one point of view over the other. And this is something that distinguishes us from everyone else.

On various other social media platforms, your posts are often subject to review if anyone raises any concerns about them. However, the biggest problem with that is free expression gets shunned. How can I express myself freely if someone on the other end is bent on deleting my posts for no absolute reason? And it often is the case that the person on the other end of the spectrum would be more powerful than we are - so they can easily take us down.

And that is why we have a no-limit policy on our platform. However, that doesn't mean that users can post anything they want even though it upsets certain individuals. We have a strict no-to-offence policy. While we do appreciate discussions and healthy arguments, we do not accept offensive bashing of any individual.

And this is what what really sets us apart from other social media platforms - we are not restrictive in our nature to anyone. In fact, we invite as much socio-political discussions as people would like to have.

When we first launched our platform, Momenters, we just had one objective - that was to ensure that users from all over the world could easily participate without having to be barred on baseless means. This includes sharing their opinions, getting into discussions about something that they are passionate about, or creating pages that attract more and more people to the platform. Several months has passed since we had that idea, and we follow it to this day.

We believe that everyone should have the right to create a community around whatever it is that they most like/admire. That is the primary reason why we want to give that freedom to our users is because we think that everyone today has the right to freely express themselves without needing to worry about some odd entity in power taking that very freedom away.

And in spirit of providing that freedom, our users have the option to create any page of their liking, invite their friends to like it, and even promote it through different social media channels or platforms.

That is what really makes us different than all other social media platforms. On Momenters, the ease with which you can create a page, invite friends to like and follow it, and use it to spread your message and build a community is what stands out.

So, what are you waiting for? Simply join us at the start, create your page, invite your friends, and start building a wonderful community of people.

A well-formed social group is one that isn't divided on the basis of any social, political, or cultural differences. This is something that we truly believe in. And this is why on our platform users can connect with each other and build hundreds of different types of groups and/or communities where they can share their opinions and express themselves truly freely.

We give you the liberty to create any type of group you want, invite your friends, and spread the message that you are trying to get across. In today's day and age, we need people to get together and connect with each other socially. Because covid has largely restricted our movement, we can at-least give our users the benefit of connecting with people they'd like to hang out with online.

Also, each and every one of us has their own unique identity and a unique opinion to share and a desire to express themselves. Why should a social media platform come in the way of people doing that? And that is why we have created this platform - so people can find for themselves a portal where they can truly and freely express themselves without anyone holding them down.

All of this, however, should be taken with a pinch of salt. While we welcome and equally appreciate the formation of different types of groups each driven by their own cause, we do not accept groups that are formed for malicious purposes such as physically/emotionally/psychologically harming people.

This is done to protect you and hundreds of thousands of users like you so you can have an incredible experience.

Create and host events of all kinds, invite people, and have an experience of a lifetime!

That's right. Now you can easily create any type of event that you'd like to host - whether in-person or online. Feel free to invite as many friends as you'd like. Our Events page is special in that it truly creates the atmosphere of creating and hosting an amazing event. From the different colour themes to customizing your entire events to the style that you'd like to see - you can do everything on our page and create events that not only you'd like to be a part of but also would like several other people to attend.

And yes, you can organise both online and in-person events. The best part about Momenters is that it really lets you organise all types of events. We understand that in-person events have been limited largely due to the fact that covid has completely restricted our movement. And, we don't think that things can ever return to exactly how they were just over a year ago. While some things will obviously remain the same, we would really like to enable our users the option to be prepared for the future that is incoming.

And that is why, on Momenters, users can easily create events of all types, invite as many people and friends as they'd like. Because it is a global platform, you can expect to have audience from all over the world!

Offers are the perfect marketing tool to promote your product.

Don't we agree on this? We at Momenters think that the best way to promote any product is to find different ways to entice customers. And how can they be enticed in the first place? By offering them tremendous value. This can be done via discounts, or freebies or anything of that sort. You can create customised offers for your customers easily on our platform and use our community groups and pages to market them to the right audience.

We believe that for any business to grow organically and be successful, it must be exposed to as many customers as it can possibly be during the initial stages of the product development. Otherwise, it would have to go through a painful process of finding recognition and success. And because of the way things have changed in the world post-2020, all businesses and their marketing have moved online.

This necessitates the creation of spaces where these businesses and their owners can easily market their products - by creating exciting offers and deals (something we're sure the customers would enjoy). Now, they can do all that single-handedly on our platform, Momenters. They need not worry about how to design these offers because everything is already present on these platforms.

So, if you are a business that wants to market their products online, then you must sign up quickly and starting exploring the "Offers" section right away!

On Momenters, you can easily look for people who you'd like to do a particular task. Remote working has taken over the world, and currently all major companies have decided to either adopt a hybrid model or completely transition to a remote working model. This has not only helped people find alternative ways of working but both the employees and the employers have saved huge amounts of money. Think about this for a second.

An employee is no longer required to travel across far distances for work. They don't need to be stuck in traffic, nor lose their precious time to long queues waiting to get into public transport. On the other hand, companies/businesses are no longer required to rent and/or maintain large offices and pay the price of their maintenance. This means that everything has been transition online - and this is indeed where the magic happens. People can easily find their jobs online, along with finding ways to work online.

On Momenters, you can easily list out jobs and look for people from all over the world. What makes this platform more sought-after for job seekers and job providers is that they both get easy global access on an easy-to-use social media platform. This ensures that both employees and employers are able to find the perfect fit that they are indeed looking for. So, don't wait - easily create a job page and start posting for requirements!

Words are the most powerful tool for human beings - without them, they are nothing.

Don't worry, we haven't copied this wonderful quote from somewhere. In fact, we have written this ourselves. Why? Because we completely believe in this. We do think that words are indeed a weapon in the arsenal of various weapons for humans. The biggest weapon is their insanely advanced brain, followed by their ability to express themselves through words. At Momenters, we understand this power of humans, and aim to help each individual express themselves through words.

You can easily write and express yourself through a blog, and post it on our platform where hundreds of thousands of other users would also read it and enjoy it. But you might ask, so what if we have a blog section? Everyone does. True, some social platforms do have a dedicated blog section. However, not all of them do.

Moreover, our motive and purpose behind creating this section is entirely different from everyone else. We wholesomely believe in the power of expression through various means like music, words, and art among others. And we also believe in helping artists reach a wider audience on our platform. This is made possible by our blog section.

We believe that everyone should have the right to do what they truly love and desire for. Thus, we have created this section where you can relentlessly express yourself without fearing that you would be judged.

Have a crazy product? Go ahead and list it on our platform's native marketplace. The Momenters marketplace is literally the place to be if you wish to sell your product to hundreds of thousands of customers. Why? Because you get to promote your product so easily on our platform to so many customers that you never need to worry about paying for expensive adverts. And this is really where our platform stands out - because we have such an amazing social media platform where there are constantly hundreds of thousands of users constantly visiting and interacting with each other, you can very easily target each one of them.

This helps you save so much money on really expensive adverts - moreover those ads don't always help you get customers as well. In fact, most of them are more for the sake of creating the ad and getting attention than actually helping you sell the product. This is where we come in - we have created a platform where using the power of other social media tools like Pages, Groups, and Blogs, you can easily market your product to your audience. Through blogs you can describe about your product very easily.

And once the marketing is perfect, you can easily entice more customers by simply directing them to the "Marketplace" section where, once impressed, they can easily place an order for your product. Neat, right?

The real power of true and open social communication is achieved when people are given the liberty to express themselves freely in forums where other people like them can respond. This is something that we not only believe in, but also live by. We do think that there are endless ways through which people can today express themselves. This can be done via writing, photography, or through any other media. However, the biggest problem with these types of varying expressions is that while they do give you the chance to express yourself, you are still not given the option to get into dialogue with other people. With everything so rapidly changing when it comes to social situations, we do think that there is a necessity for launching a place where people can easily come together and express themselves - without fearing that they would be judged at all.

And this is why we have created a separate section on our platform - Forums. We think that dialogue is one of the most essential factors when it comes to moving the society forward. If people won't indulge in talking to each other about what they feel, how they feel and so on, then they really cannot improve. Discussions help shape important ideas and sometimes these very discussions can be a source of comfort of affirmation for some people. Thus, true to the spirit of being open and approachable, we today are offering our users the ability to create forums and start any discussion of their own.